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Ultra Pro UPSCR1CD Screwdown - Black Clear Frame - Single Card

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Relatives of the Afghan family killed by the US drone strike that took the lives of an innocent aid worker and nine other people, including seven children, say they want compensation, and resettlement in the US or another safe country. Zemari Ahmadi, 43, died in the blast and was his family's only breadwinner. He worked for the US-based aid group Nutrition and Education International, and U.S. officials acknowledge he did not appear to be connected to ISIS-K terrorists. His fatal mistake, it appeared, was driving a white 1996 Toyota Corolla similar to one intelligence sources claimed was being driven by a known terrorist. Ahmadi's brother Emal, 32, who was just feet away from the remains of the car after the blast, said: 'We didn't have any money to bury our relatives. We had to borrow funds.' And while he said he is 'happy' the Pentagon has acknowledged the miscalculations that led to his brother's death, 'forgiveness' is too strong a word, as reported by The Post.

BLM plans Carmines protest: Texas women filmed 'attacking NYC restaurant hostess after she questioned their vaccination cards' say they were racially profiled and N-word was hurled'

Three Texas women who were seen in a video allegedly attacking a NYC restaurant hostess after their vaccination cards were questioned said they were racially profiled and called the n-word. The trio, who are black, are now claiming their unnamed 24 year-old hostess, who is Asian, was actually the aggressor, and have called for her to be fired. They spoke out two days after Thursday's incident at popular Upper West Side restaurant Carmines. Restaurant staff jumped in to defend their coworker, who was left with viruses and scratches, with footage of the brawl making headlines across the United States.

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Empty tequila bottles were found inside the under-construction jumbo jet that will be the next Air Force One - currently being built in Boeing's San Antonio factory (pictured) - which sparked an internal probe.

Rep. Elise Stefanik - a Trump loyalist - paid for Facebook ads pushing 'great replacement theory,' which claims white people are replaced by migrant. She was ripped by her hometown paper.

Zachary Randazzo, 18, took the picture (left) around 5pm about two blocks from Brian Laundrie's parent's home on Targee Avenue in North Port, Florida. It showed a bald, clean-shaven man walking down the sidewalk in flip-flops with headphones in, which cops said looks a 'heck' of a lot like Laundrie (right with Petito). However, although blurred, the man in Randazzo's photo appears to have a tattoo on his left arm - although recent photos of Laundrie show that he has no such inking. Cops have been made aware of the photo and are investigating as they hunt for Laundrie in the nearby Sarasota County wildlife refuge. Laundrie was reported missing by his family's attorney and his family said they haven't seen the 23-year-old since Tuesday. Petito was last seen on August 24 leaving a hotel with Laundrie in Salt Lake City, Utah, during the couple's cross-country campervan trip.

Florida cops call off search for the night for van-life girl Gabby Petito's fiance Brian Laundrie who they say he could be armed inside alligator-infested park

Rangers and the FBI did not find anything after searching Saturday for missing van-life girl Gabby Petito in an area on the east side of Grand Teton National Park, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal. They stopped when it got dark and planned to resume Sunday morning, said North Port Police, adding, 'Nothing found.'DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal. As a result of the search, Spread Creek campground is closed as National Park Rangers and the Teton County Sheriff search the area, and the area will remain closed to the public for the next few days. The Spread Creek site is one of the dispersed camp grounds Petito listed as visiting on her page at thedyrt.com, where she reviewed her journey. In Florida, more than 50 law enforcement officers using bloodhounds, drones and 4x4 vehicles are searching for her boyfriend Brian Laundrie in a vast and swampy Florida woodland reserve, said North Port Police information chief Josh Taylor. Laundrie often visits the Myakkahatchee Creek Environment Park, which is tied to the 25,000 acre Carlton Reserve, he said. And that is where he told his parents he was going when he left their house, added Taylor. Officers do not know if Laundrie is armed.

Angered New Yorkers also protested to impeach Biden, calling him a 'killer, pervert (and) traitor' while some were spotted in Make America Great Again (MAGA) hats and sporting red white and blue clothes.

The Lancet has agreed to publish an alternative commentary which discusses the possibility that Chinese laboratory research might have played a role in the emergence of the virus.

No 10 has been told that 'such is the nature' of the more transmissible variant that it is 'almost inevitable' it will eventually infect anyone who has not received both jabs.

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca said a new drug showed a 72 per cent reduction in the risk of disease progression or death in women with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer.

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A man's SUV was sucked into a drainage ditch in Tuscaloosa, Alabama Saturday afternoon, with fears now growing that he has been killed. First responders located the truck (bottom right), but the driver is still unaccounted for and feared to be dead. The search and rescue mission was suspended Saturday night and will resume Sunday morning. The flood waters were so deep that it trapped several abandoned cars, and locals were seen in videos swimming and surfing in the waters (left and top right). According to the National Weather Service, up to three inches of rain fell and more is expected to fall through Sunday.

Colt Brennan had fentanyl, methamphetamine, amphetamine and ethanol in his system when he died in May at the age of 37 after being found unresponsive in a California hotel room.

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Emergency rooms across the US are seeing an influx in habitual marijuana users - including teenagers - being admitted for uncontrollable vomiting and intestinal distress, a new study reveals.

Erin Garcia (left), 44, got into her car drunk around 11.30pm Thursday and her daughter followed, concerned that her mother was too inebriated to drive. 'The child grabbed the passenger's door handle and told Garcia to stop,' the statement from the Placentia Police Department read.The girl was dragged alongside the car for about 300 feet before stopping thanks to an onlooker who decided to intervene. Garcia then dragged the bystander who tried to intervene before driving away from the scene. She was eventually taken from her mother's house (right) to Orange County Jail on three charges - assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment and battery against a police officer.

Police arrest Brooklyn man, 32, caught on surveillance footage 'kicking woman down subway station escalator after he pushed past her and she said "Excuse me"' 

After a week-long search NYPD arrested Bradley Hill, 32, (pictured left) who they say is the man caught on surveillance footage kicking a woman down the escalator of a Brooklyn subway station following an argument. Police say on the afternoon of September 9 Hill allegedly kicked a woman down the escalator of the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station in Boerum Hill. (right) The incident was all because the unidentified victim, also 32, asked Hill to say 'excuse me' after he pushed his way past her on the ride up to the street.

Darren McWright, was arrested Wednesday night while his son Antoine Darnique Suggs, 38, turned himself in to police in Gilbert, Arizona, on Friday and will be extradited to Wisconsin.

Russia's Communist Party head has accused Putin's supporters of ballot stuffing, trying to vote several times in one place or at multiple polling stations, during the three-day parliamentary vote.

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, 62, (top right) dubbed the 'father' of Iran's illegal atomic program, was ambushed November 27 while driving to his home in Absard, near Tehran. New details emerged in a New York Times report, based on interviews with American, Israeli and Iranian officials. Fakhrizadeh is said to have been killed by a Mossad sniper who pulled the trigger from an undisclosed location thousands of miles away via satellite. The gun which fired the fatal shots was positioned in a pickup truck lying in wait for his car (bottom right the aftermath). There was also a second disguised spy car positioned three-quarters of a mile earlier along the route in a spot where Fakhrizadeh's car would make a U-turn (map on left). Cameras in this vehicle positively identified Fakhrizadeh and his position in the car sending this information back to the remote sniper. AI technology was programmed to compensate for 1.6 second delay between the camera capturing the images and the trigger being pulled. The entire ambush was over within one minute of the first round being fired.

'It was a heck of a ride for us': SpaceX's first all-civilian crew splashes down into Atlantic Ocean, returning to Earth after historic three-day mission in orbit 

SpaceX's first civilian crew has successfully returned to Earth after three days in space. The Inspiration4 crew splashed downed in the Atlantic Ocean near Florida on Saturday night shortly after 7 pm, bringing an end to their historic three-day mission orbiting earth. The Dragon capsule descended towards Earth on four chutes before gently landing in the water as the module floated on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. 'Your mission has shown the world that space is for all of us,' SpaceX Mission Control radioed the crew. 'Thanks so much SpaceX, it was a heck of a ride for us,' mission commander Jared Isaacman responded. And SpaceX founder Elon Musk tweeted: 'Congratulations @Inspiration4x!!!' The four crew members all safely made if off the capsule and boarded a helicopter to reunite with their families.

Sarah Palin, 57, revealed that she has not received the COVID vaccine explaining on a Fox News talk show, 'I believe in the science and I have not taken the shot,' claiming she has natural immunity.

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The man was struck in the chest and shoulder during the blast at a property in Tasmania on Friday night.

Aurora James (right and left with AOC), 37, said the dress she designed for AOC sent a 'powerful message' but her own delinquent tax bills suggest she didn't take it to heart. The Brother Vellies founder has three open tax warrants in New York state for for failing to withhold income taxes from employees' paychecks totaling $14,798. The Canadian has also proved she has no problem taking money from taxpayers as her company received $41,666 in pandemic relief aid. AOC labeled James a 'working class' designer at the Met Gala but James bought a $1.6million Hollywood Hills home in September 2020. She reportedly still owes $2,504 in property taxes on the property.

It is 40 years since Duran Duran arrived in the top ten with Girls On Film. A band remembered for cavorting on a yacht have the wind in their sails again.

Bill Maher joined in on the criticism of NY Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 'Tax the Rich' dress she wore to the Met Gala saying 'let's not lie. The rich pay a lot of the taxes.'

Scandal-hit Virginia school board faces calls to ditch member for 'woke-washing' 9/11 after she says moment of silence for terror attacks 'caused harm' and was not 'anti-racist'

The Fairfax School Board in Virginia is is facing calls to ditch board member Abrar Omeish (pictured) after she claimed a moment of silence to mark anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks 'causes harm.' The board was entertaining a resolution for a moment of silence to honor the victims of 9/11 on the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks but Omeish voted against the resolution, saying it was not 'anti-racist' and failed to address 'state-sponsored traumas.'Omeish's speech caused a parent to have an outburst and storm out as she yelled at the board 'Its a sham, its a show, enjoy it!' and also led to an op-ed from the Fairfax County Times that called for her censure and removal from the school board.

Curtis Smith has been accused of assisting prominent lawyer Alex Murdaugh in his suicide attempt in South Carolina. He denied the claims and said Murdaugh better not mess with him again.

Border Patrol are given police escort as they begin removing 14,800 migrants from underneath Texas bridge: Biden finally vows to deport thousands back to Haiti after they arrived because he cancelled repatriation flights

Border Patrol has begun removing 14,800 migrants from a squalid camp set up underneath a Texas frontier bridge with the help of hundreds of cops and soldiers. Exclusive DailyMail.com photos show buses leaving the site and heading towards San Antonio, Texas, accompanied by CBP cars. Other pictures show one of the migrants being treated for an injury after being caught in the crush and police convoys arriving to provide extra security.

Students cheered for Harris as she took the field on Saturday to perform the traditional coin toss, which landed in favor of the Howard Bison. The event took place amid several crisis moments in the US.

Department of Homeland Security officials are planning as many as eight flights per day to Haiti, starting on Sunday, about a week since President Joe Biden cancelled repatriation flights to Haiti.

Officers Joseph Casey and Eduardo Matute (left with baby) caught a one month-old baby after a crazed man threw him off a second-floor balcony Saturday morning. The deranged man was 'dangling a baby over a balcony' on Rose Avenue in Jersey City. Although there were no apparent injuries the baby was taken to the hospital to be evaluated as a precautionary measure. The man who threw the baby has been arrested and his charges are pending.

At an online discussion Wednesday Petra Lange explained how she got around Iowa's HF-802 law, which established requirements related to racism and sexism in schools.

A judge ruled that Guramrit Hanspal, (left) who has not paid mortgage on his Long Island home (right) for 23 years does not qualify for pandemic housing protections and will be evicted. Nassau County Housing Court Judge William Hohauser ruled that Hanspal does not qualify for COVID protections because he is an illegal squatter and not a renter. Three different owners have tried to kick Hanspal from the home since he was foreclosed upon in 2000 but he has managed to avoid eviction numerous times. Online listings for the home show its interior filled with dirt and clutter (inset).

Tennis champion Jelena Dokic has fired back at online trolls after she was taunted for her varying weights and sizes. The former World No.4 famously slimmed down to 67kg.

The French government agency overseeing the reconstruction announced that work to secure the famous Paris structure - which began the day after the fire on April 15, 2019 - is at last complete.

A father who found his three daughters dead at home in New Zealand - as his wife stands accused of murdering them - had helped plan their relocation from South Africa for two years, according to friends. Orthopaedic surgeon Graham Dickason and his wife, Lauren, a fellow doctor, also had the 'prettiest and neatest house', said a woman who used to work with them at Pretoria East Hospital. Mr Dickason found the bodies of two-year-old twins Karla and Maya and their older sister Liane, six, at their home in Timaru shortly before 10pm on Thursday when he returned home after attending a work function at Timaru Hospital. 'They were a perfect normal family, they had the prettiest and neatest house in the estate, there was nothing strange, even when they spoke to each other it was calm and kind,' the hospital colleague told Stuff . She added: 'He is what you would call a genuine nice guy... she was more of an introvert; quiet, but very humble.' (Left: the couple with their children - twins Karla and Maya and elder sister Liane, also pictured together right.)

Interest in the jewellery continues to overshadow the Duchess of Sussex's appearance on the cover of Time magazine earlier this week.

Laura Loomer has contracted COVID-19 and said it feels like 'getting hit by a bus' and is asking for prayers from her fans on Gettr, a conservative social media app, after claiming her symptoms were 'brutal.' Loomer, who is unvaccinated, has started taking the controversial drugs Regeneron, Azithromycin, Hydroxychloroquine to treat her symptoms, which include a fever, severe body aches, and nausea. She also hopes to go on the deworming drug ivermectin soon. She also told fans she plans to stay unvaccinated after she recovers.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed defended herself after being caught partying without a mask because she's not going to 'sip, put my mask on, sip, put my mask' all night.

Thousands of anti-vaxxers descended on London London on Saturday holding signs reading 'stay away from our kids' and a boy held a card with 'I'm a child, I can't consent'.

The US Navy successfully conducted a scheduled two-missile test launch of un-armed life-extended Trident D5LE nuclear missiles from the USS Wyoming on Friday off Cape Canaveral. The Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine completed the test, which was part of a Demonstration and Shakedown Operation, designated DASO-31, which will allow the submarines to be deployed. The ballistic missile submarines primarily serve as deterrence and are scheduled for such test years in advance. The Navy stated the tests are scheduled years in advance and 'not conducted in response to any ongoing world events, nor as a demonstration of power.' The test of the nuclear deterrence submarines comes as the US penned a deal with Australia to partner with the UK to help them build nuclear-powered submarines. The move will hugely expand Australian military capability in the Indo-Pacific region to counter China, who will soon have the largest fleet of submarines in the world.

New Manning about town: America's no. 1 high school quarterback Arch, 16 - whose uncles are NFL stars Peyton and Eli - passes for 238 yards and three touchdowns in stunning season opener

Arch Manning - son of Cooper Manning and nephew of legendary NFL quarterbacks Peyton and Eli - throws for 238 yards and three touchdowns as a high junior in season opener. He also carried the ball five times for 50 yards and a score in a 28-0 shutout victory over Vanderbilt Catholic. Arch is considered the top junior recruit in the country and comes from a long lineage of NFL greatness going back to his grandfather Archie Manning in the 1960s.

A 25-year-old marketing manager from Sydney who gained a net worth of more than $450,000 in five years has shared the three budget meals she swears by, and none of them cost over $5.

The model was nearly halfway into her pregnancy last year when she lost her child, a baby boy she and her husband John Legend had already started calling 'Jack.'

Steve Jobs' widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, was spotted shopping alongside daughter Eve while in Rome Friday, before stepping out for dinner after the 23-year-old finished competing at horse trails yesterday. The two explored the Eternal City's Spanish Steps neighborhood, and were seen checking out shoes (while adorned with face masks) at Dolce e Gabbana. Jobs, who was married to the Apple co-founder for 20 years before he passed in 2011 from neuroendrocrine cancer, is worth an estimated $21billion after inheriting his fortune, making her the 35th-richest person in the world, according to Forbes. After a busy day of shopping, the two briefly retired to their hotel for a change of outfit, before stepping out for a dinner with a couple of friends at Nino's restaurant, where the group enjoyed a meal on the outdoor patio.

Bored Panda rounded up a selection of retro recipes from around the world that have gone viral because of their unusual combination of ingredients and overall appearance.

When concerned passers-by stopped to help the man on the street in Windsor, they were stunned to discover he was theatrical legend Sir Ian McKellen practising his lines.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck continued to integrate their families on Friday night when they took their children to an outdoor movie screening in Los Angeles. The 52-year-old Hustlers star and the 49-year-old writer-turned-director looked as loved-up as could be as they locked arms while leaving the School Of Rock screening held at Los Angeles Historic Park in Downtown LA's Chinatown neighborhood. The outing comes amid a new report from People on Friday suggesting the A-listers are ready to get back to their busy film careers in the next few months.

Photographs from the Great Depression show how desperate New Yorkers were forced to take shelter on the streets in makeshift shacks made from scraps of tar, wood, cardboard and other found objects. Homeless encampments, known as 'Hoovervilles' cropped up across the United States as millions of people lost their jobs and homes. They were named after President Herbert Hoover who was held responsible for the economic crises. The most famous 'Hooverville' settled in the 'hellscape' dust bowl of a former reservoir in Central Park that had been drained (left, top and bottom). It was known to locals as 'Forgotten Men's Gulch' or 'Hoover Valley' and stood in the shadow of New York City's most swanky addresses. Over time, the crude homeless encampments turned into complex compounds that operated like mini cities. 'Camp Thomas Paine' in the Upper West Side elected a leader, built a mess hall, provided a club room for socializing and a kept their pets in a corral (bottom right). Some dwellings were constructed of brick and provided the comforts of home with beds, chairs, carpets, gardens and linoleum flooring. The largest outpost, known as 'Hardlucksville' had upwards of 80 shacks that housed 450 residents. Today, New York City continues to grapple with the highest rate of homelessness the city has experienced since the Great Depression.

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Police arrested Joe Hernandez last week after a crossing guard said the driver hit her with his car but a neighbor's security camera footage shows she lied and all charges have been dropped.

A dietitian from Brisbane has lifted the lid on what your poo says about your general health, as well as the foods that will help you to become more regular.

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TALK OF THE TOWN: Kate Moss suddenly called a halt to her party antics three years ago following the tragic death of her pal Annabelle Neilson, from a heart attack at the age of just 49. But just when we all thought she'd withdrawn to a life of quiet nights in with her boyfriend Nikolai von Bismarck, I now hear that she has taken a different tack. Whispers reach me that after a holiday in Ibiza last month, friends of the model declared that their old party queen 'is back' and has a 'new lease of life' following the wedding of model Jordan Barrett, top left, to his husband Fernando Casablancas, bottom right.


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Intimate recollections from those who loved Prince Philip (left) best will create a rare and touching portrait of one of the Royal Family's most colourful figures in a landmark BBC documentary this week. In an unusual show of unity, senior members of the Royal Family have come together to share memories that reveal Prince Philip's domestic side - including his keen interest in the Hairy Bikers cookery shows, his playful affection for his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and how he turned barbecuing into an art form. As the Duke of Cambridge affectionately puts it: 'I can safely say there's never been a case of food poisoning in the family that's attributed to the Duke of Edinburgh.' The documentary, originally conceived to mark Philip's 100th birthday in June, has been rebranded as a tribute programme, with contributions from 14 members of the Royal Family, including Prince Harry and the beleaguered Prince Andrew. (Pictured top right, Prince William, centre, the Countess of Wessex, bottom, Prince Harry.)

Courtney Cox appeared to be in high spirits as she took to Seaclose Park on Saturday in order to support her fiancé Johnny McDaid who headlined the Isle of Wight Festival with his band Snow Patrol.

Shared by pet owners on social media, the photos show dogs that were so tired they collapsed into sleep in an array of unlikely - not to mention uncomfortable - positions.

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WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Ex-Russian solider Kirill Tereshin, 25, (left) faces the prospect of losing his arms or even a gruesome death after he injected 6L of petroleum jelly into himself to create artificially huge biceps. His surgeon, Moscow State Medical University's Dmitry Melnikov (pictured after surgery, bottom right) warned him the risk of complications to get the synthol out of his arms is 'very high' and he could face kidney failure and even death in the near future. Confessing to his own 'stupidity', Mr Tereshin admitted in an interview: 'I did not think about the consequences.' He was persuaded to save his life by high-profile Russian WAG Alana Mamaeva, 33, a campaigner for victims of botched plastic surgery.. Pictured top right: Mr Tereshin in surgery in 2019

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The heir to the Swedish throne, 44, holidayed with her husband Prince Daniel, 48, and their two children, Princess Estelle, nine, and Prince Oscar, five, last weekend. They were joined on the vacation by Norway's future monarch Prince Haakon, 48, and his wife Mette-Marit, 48, and their daughter Ingrid, 17, who is second in line to the throne. The families, who are known to be very close, shared a group photograph (pictured) from their time together and posted it to their social media accounts today.


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Shareably has rounded up a selection of viral photos from around the world that show older couples in love - including a husband in the U.S, doing his wife's hair after she had surgery on her wrist.

Campaigners have criticised the new reception and identification centre for migrants in Samos, Greece and said its barbed wire fencing and heavy security presence is akin to a prison facility.

For months, Facebook's researches warned that comments on the vaccine-related posts that the platform was promoting were filled with antivaccine rhetoric that hindered Zuckerberg's goal.

The royal mother-of-two (pictured left and right), 49, sported the £298 belted frock from & Other Stories when attending the Famelab 2021 final in Madrid, which is an international scientific talks competition. She first opted for the statement garment in February 2019 during the opening of the 38th edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair, ARCO Madrid. Adding a touch of glitz to her ensemble, she finished her stylish outfit with a set of silver hoop earrings.