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Shree Gurudatt Pet Puja's

Shailesh Shinde’s Shri Guru Datta Pet Pooja is the parent company that runs Puneri Wada Pav and Puneri Misal House based in Sillod. Formed in early August of 2015, it is a culmination of Shailesh and his wife Shraddha’s dream and efforts to create a food brand that people could trust and love. Today, Puneri Wada Pav and Puneri Misal House outlets are thronged by masses since they serve the best, most delicious food in Sillod.

The food products offered at both these quick serving restaurants have been steadily increasing following demand and tremendous footfall. Not only does this mean that they have to maintain high quality in spite of high delivery numbers but also make sure their products continue to catch the interest of the masses.Through sheer hard work and dedication they manage to do just this!

Shailesh states that the different varieties of foods that were added to their product list were to make sure that they offered more than just Wada Pav and Misal at their outlets. Students and professionals love to try something new every day so having more options on the menu added to their appeal.

“Sometimes customers would ask for Poha, Sheera or Idli Sambhar because they, as regular customers, were sure that we could make these items just as delicious as our Wada Pav or Misal. More so, they were hoping to have more options to choose from,” Shailesh shares.

Shri Guru Datta Pet Pooja has a team of experts working across different areas, be it accounting, sanitation, quality control or cooking. Shailesh has made sure that as a brand they make the most out of their team. The management is structured and diligent because without it growth cannot be registered.

Shri Guru Datta Pet Poojaplans to spread its wings across talukas of Maharashtra through QSR outlets of both Puneri Wada Pav and Puneri Misal House. They are also planning to venture into parcel food soon.