Puneri Vadapav and Puneri Misal Franchise available across the Maharashtra | Contact : 9850094992

Puneri Vadapav Outlet

At Puneri Wada Pav , you are welcomed with the delicious aroma of lip smacking Wada Pavs and Misal. At any of the outlets, you will definitely feel the warmth of authentic Maharashtrian cuisine engulf your taste buds.

Situated in Sillod, these outlets are top notch when it comes to quality. While you eat one Wada Pav after the other or take big bites of the hotly served MisalPav, you will realize that these products are of high quality. They are not delicious and served fresh, but also made in hygienic conditions. A consistency in the quality and quantity of every product is maintained diligently because Shri Guru Datta Pet Pooja believes in sending a customer home happy and sated.

Over the time of its launch, Puneri Wada Pav and PuneriMisal House have become immensely popular in Sillod and surrounding regions. People come to eat at the outlets throughout the day to enjoy the food served here. Upon popular demand, Shri Guru Datta Pet Pooja increased the products on their menu. Now they sell over 15-20 products, depending on the kind of the outlet.

Puneri Wada Pav has its unique taste, thanks to the proprietary masala used. Formulated by Shraddha and ShaileshShinde, this masala is the secret of the delicious taste that the wadas hold. Made from the finest ingredients that are provided by certified vendors, the masala remains consistent in taste even after all these years.

Puneri Wada Pav QSR outlets sell products like Poha, Sheera, Idli Sambhar, Bread Pattice, Upma and Pulav apart from Wada Pav. Puneri Wada Pav is mostly a standing food joint where people can quickly choose an item of their choice and eat it while they stand. Although, both kind of outlets receive the same kind of response and praise for their management and functioning.

Authentic Marathi snacks is the focus of these QSR outlets. What sets them apart from other outlets is their service, product quality, quantity and the hygiene maintained at the cooking platforms and by the cooks and servers. Never will you see a server without his uniform and hair-cap. If you stop by at PuneriMisal House or Puneri Wada Pav, you are bound to go back happy.